My Background

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In order to try to understand human distress and well-being I practiced as a psychotherapist and life coach for over 20 years in diverse settings including drug and alcohol rehab and Integrative Medicine.  I also maintained a private practice working with adults, teens, children and families in crisis. While working in the clinical setting I continued to explore beyond my early training in depth psychology to find more holistic mind-body healing modalities. I was deeply drawn to yoga, meditation, emotional releasing, and healing touch and eventually became certified as a Healing Touch Practitioner and I trained in the US and Thailand to become a Registered Yoga Teacher. Finally, I turned all of my attention to yoga and opened a yoga studio with a yoga school, where I trained new teachers and lead yoga and meditation retreats in the US, Mexico, Thailand, and Europe for 7 years. In 2020 I was forced to close the studio due to the pandemic. 

While developing my yoga studio and teacher training programs, I became more and more interested in learning the sophisticated methods needed for effective mind training through meditation practice. In searching for a teacher, I discovered Dr. B Alan Wallace’s work in 2008 and I have been studying and practicing with him ever since. I started attending Dr. Wallace's 7-day retreats in Santa Barbara, California, and eventually set everything in my life aside to attend one of his 8-week silent meditation retreats in Pomaia, Italy. During that retreat in 2016, Dr. Wallace described his vision to build a "contemplative observatory" where yogis would practice meditation in full-time retreat for months or years at a time under his expert guidance. He explained that these yogis would explore and expand the frontiers of our knowledge of the capacities of the human mind and human happiness and well being.  From that day forward, I aspired to become a yogi and practice at the "contemplative observatory."


Fast forward to 2020, when the pandemic forced me to close my yoga studio and I was wondering what I would do next in my life. At the same time, Dr. Wallace was in Colorado purchasing the land and hermitage for the first "contemplative observatory" in North America.  For me, all of the supporting circumstances came together to turn the dream into a reality and I made straight line to Crestone to become part of the CCR from the ground up. I am truly humbled and honored to be here in full-time retreat and to be a participant in the initial research at CCR.  I hope my personal aspirations to devote myself to full-time contemplative practice will help to fulfill the vision of the CCR to explore the depths of sustainable human wellbeing and assist humanity in the deep healing so desperately needed during these troubling times.